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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Where the Money Goes: Rand Institute’s Report Highlights Companies’ e-Discovery Spend

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What are the costs associated with different phases of e-discovery production? How are these costs distributed across internal and external sources of labour, resources, and services? And how can these costs be reduced without compromising quality? The Rand Institute for Civil Justice’s April monograph, “Where the Money Goes: Understanding Litigant Expenditures for Producing Electronic Discovery” explores these issues, highlights the main challenges related to preserving electronic information and provides some recommendations on how to address complaints of excessive costs and uncertainty.

In the Rand study, the researchers collected data from eight major corporations across 57 cases and interviewed … Continue Reading

Preparing for and Responding to Security Breaches

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In the wake of security breaches reported at LinkedIn and eHarmony, now may be a good time for businesses to re-acquaint themselves with the applicable statutory framework for the protection of personal information in Canada as well as implement or update policies and procedures around breach detection and notification.

Reports of Recent Security Breaches

On Wednesday, June 6, 2012, both LinkedIn, a social networking site with 160 million users, and eHarmony, an online dating site with 20 million users, reported significant security breaches. The result of these breaches was that user passwords, over 6 million from LinkedIn and 1.5 million … Continue Reading