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Ontario Court of Appeal Decisions on Distracted Driving Could Hurt Development of Connected Cars

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Last week was an exciting week for those who monitor developments in technology and the law. First, a Canadian telecom company announced it had just signed a deal that would allow it to introduce wireless internet service for Canadian cars. The next day, the Ontario Court of Appeal released two companion decisions that added some oomph to Ontario’s distracted driving laws – merely holding a mobile phone, said the court, is sufficient to put you offside the law. The phone doesn’t have to be on and it doesn’t even have to be near your ear: it just has to … Continue Reading

Cautionary Note for Maufacturers of Communications Technology: Sender of a Text Message Can Be Liable for Distracting a Driver

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The dangers of texting while driving are well known, with distracted drivers properly found criminally and civilly responsible for the injuries they cause.  In an interesting twist, the New Jersey Court of Appeal recently held that the person sending the text to a driver may also be held liable.


Teenager Kyle Best and his friend Shannon Colonna were in the habit of texting each other frequently. One afternoon, immediately after punching out of his part time job at 5:41 pm, Best texted Colonna. He then got into his pickup truck and at 5:49, records show he made a 911 … Continue Reading