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Law Society of British Columbia Rule Change Re: Cloud Computing in the Legal Industry

Posted in Regulatory Compliance


Many businesses have harnessed cloud computing to improve the way they manage and deliver computing resources. The benefits of cloud computing include cost effectiveness, scalability and accessibility. However, since cloud computing services are provided through a shared pool of computing resources, which often includes the storage and processing of data in third-party data centres, the cloud computing model has inherent risks related to service uptime, records retention, and data privacy and security. Lawyers should approach cloud computing with caution because of these risks, the highly confidential information they hold on behalf of their clients, and their professional responsibilities.

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Clotting Heartbleed: Guidance on Privacy Breaches, Notification Obligations and Proposed Amendments to Privacy Legislation

Posted in E-Commerce, Privacy, Regulatory Compliance

Canadian organizations with control over personal information should be aware of the privacy vulnerabilities of Heartbleed and their related legal obligations. Below, we have summarized: (1) the risks of Heartbleed; (2) the notification obligations of organizations that have experienced a privacy breach; (3) amendments to those obligations, as proposed by the federal government; and (4) recommendations  to protect your organization from privacy breaches and legal liability.


Heartbleed is a serious security vulnerability that exists in certain versions of the OpenSSL software. OpenSSL is an open source software module created to implement certain cryptographic functions and provide various utility functions. … Continue Reading

Legal Implications of Accepting Bitcoin as Payment

Posted in Consumer Protection, Regulatory Compliance

The number of Canadian businesses accepting virtual currencies as a form of payment is growing. Bitcoin is emerging as the most popular of these new currencies – none of which are subject to a central authority. Governments, including Canada’s federal government, are starting to take note, expressing opinions on the applicability of domestic laws and proposing new regulations. It is still early days for virtual currencies, however, and uncertainty remains. Before your business decides to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, consider the practical and legal risks outlined below.

Complying with Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Regulations

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Trade-marking Colour When Applied to Packaging

Posted in Intellectual Property, Trade-marks

 Colour is a crucial component of many brands. Most often the first thing a consumer will notice about a logo or product package is its colour. Think of red for Coca-Cola®, brown for UPS® or blue for IBM®.  Given its importance in branding, it is no surprise that colour has been the subject of trade-mark claims.

Section 30(h) of the Trade-marks Act (the “Act”) requires that an application for the registration of a trade-mark other than word mark include “a drawing of the trade-mark and such number of accurate representations of the trade-mark as may be prescribed”.[1] Section 27(1) … Continue Reading