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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Network Breached? Then Report It – New SEC Guidance on Cybersecurity Disclosure Obligations

Posted in Privacy, Regulatory Compliance

In light of the increasing rate of security breaches in industry and government, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued guidelines encouraging public companies to disclose cyberattacks waged against them. The guidelines apply to both domestic US companies and foreign private issuers, and may therefore apply to Canadian companies registered in the US. What… → Read More

Do Not Track and Online Behavioural Advertising – Part II: Best Practices

Posted in Consumer Protection, E-Commerce, Privacy

With the push from users and legislators towards DNT and with most browsers providing users with the choice of a DNT setting, it is important for businesses to be ahead of the curve. In addition to an organization’s existing policies and safeguards under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), businesses should have… → Read More

Do Not Track and Online Behavioural Advertising – Part I: Coming to a Parliament Near You?

Posted in Consumer Protection, E-Commerce, Privacy

Privacy versus personalized content – it is the tension that underlies online behavioural advertising (OBA), and increasingly that tension is threatening to snap. OBA is the practice of tracking consumer’s online activities in order to deliver targeted marketing. Businesses stitch together information, like the websites a consumer visits, the content a consumer views and the searches… → Read More

Seven Tips for Tech Companies Preparing Disclosure Schedules in M&A Deals

Posted in M&A/Finance

The preparation of accurate and complete disclosure schedules is often a significant challenge for sellers, particularly technology companies with a very small or non-existent office management staff. Often these companies focus their staffing needs on research and development and selling their product. The person who will be preparing the schedules is most likely doing so… → Read More